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Take Care

A Short Film Co-Produced by and Starring Aryaman Satish

Synopsis: A young artist couple grapples with contentment and confinement over the course of one long night.


Take Care is meant to explore the ideas of intimacy, constancy, and contentment (things people wait their whole lives for) through the eyes of a young couple who might not yet have the tools to navigate the life that they wished for. I was inspired by In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-Wai, and Scenes From A Marriage (2021) starring Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain.

Official Trailer


* Winner of Best Drama, Best Actor (Ary Satish) and Best Actress (Imani Christopher) awards, alongside a Nomination for Best Picture at the New York Film Awards

* Winner of the Best Romantic Short award and an Honorable Mention for Best Actor (Ary Satish) at the Independent Shorts awards

* Winner of the Best Actor award (Ary Satish) at the Cult International Film Festival

* Nomination for the Best Actor award (Ary Satish) at the New York Independent Cinema Awards

* Nominations for the Best Dramatic Short award and the Cinema Director award (Imani Christopher) at the Blackbird Film Festival

* Nomination for Best First Time Female Filmmaker award and an Honorable Mention for Best Actor (Ary Satish) at the IndieX Film Fest

* Official Selections at the Manhattan Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, Independent Cinema Awards, Long Island International Film Festival and NewFilmmakers NY Film Festival

Model Minority

A Short Film Starring Aryaman Satish

Syonopsis: A bright-eyed, Indian-American photo assistant gets thrown into the spotlight when an eccentric photographer recasts him to replace the male model, in the middle of the shoot.

Watch Film Here:

Instagram Page


*Sold Out Show at the prestigious Angelika Film Center in New York

*Best International Short Film Winner – Berlin Shorts Awards

*Semi-Finalist – Cannes Indie Short Awards

*Semi-Finalist – Brooklyn International Short Awards

*Official Selection – Berlin Shorts Awards


*Official Selection – Marina del Rey Film Festival

*Official Selection – Chicago Filmmaker Awards

*Official Selection – Vancouver Movie Awards

*Official Selection – Hawaii International Film Awards


16 wins and 13 nominations, 1 critic's review




Starring Aryaman Satish

Synopsis: A Punjabi immigrant woman stuck in an abusive arranged marriage finally escapes when her estranged son's life is in danger. Mother and son quickly learn, however, that life is not necessarily easier on the streets.

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This Time Good

Starring Aryaman Satish 

A Comedic Web Series which follows roommates Sunny and Sloane as they relentlessly chase their dream of making it big.


Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 1.55.48 AM.png

Arcane headshots

Starring Aryaman Satish 

A short film centered on an estranged friend's offer for free pictures gets weird when the camera might be able to "see inside a soul."

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 1.50.59 AM.png

American Weasel

Starring Aryaman Satish 

A short film where a blind date turns sour when each side dives into their political beliefs.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 1.50.44 AM.png

teddy ruxpin

Starring Aryaman Satish 

A young collector attempting to return a defunct Teddy Ruxpin discovers that some purchases can only be exchanged in blood.



Actor for Red Reel

Have performed in several projects for the bi-coastal American company Red Reel, who produces acting reels for actors

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.40.32 AM.png

One Night on Doyers

A short film directed by Chloe Carson.

Other Filmwork


Natural History

A short film directed by Adrian Kader.

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 3.57.36 PM.png

Rick Rickter

A short film directed by  Ethan Berger. Synopsis:

A guy who claims to have super powers trains to defeat The Tarantula, an evil super-villain, in order to prove his credibility as a legitimate superhero.

Other Films

God's Plan

John Lives in the Desert

The Park

Sight & Sound

I Can't Live Here Anymore

Villain's Singles Night

The Labyrinth

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