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Aryaman (Ary) Satish is an award winning, international actor and filmmaker born in Kerala, India and currently resides in Mumbai, India.

He is the winner of the "Best Actor" award at both the New York Independent Cinema Awards and the Cult Movies International Film Festival and is known for his work in film, theater, commercials and music videos. As a multilingual, multi-hyphenate artist known for portraying vulnerable male characters, Satish cares most "about bringing an international perspective on storytelling." He hopes to "break the geographical barriers of film by bringing a newfound energy to roles portrayed by actors of color."


Satish was raised around the world in Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Florida, Massachusetts, Dallas and New York (USA). He discovered his love for acting by being cast in various theater productions throughout his years of schooling, such as in The Laramie Project and Metamorphosis. Alongside this, Satish competed in the sports Track and Field, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton for his international school teams. He transitioned to solely stage and film work in after being accepted to and attending New York University's undergraduate acting program at Tisch School of the Arts, earning his bachelor of fine arts degree in 2022, with a major in Drama and a double minor in Producing and Entertainment Business at the NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Tisch. He is an alum of The Meisner Studio and Stonestreet Studios, where he trained specifically in the Meisner acting technique, stage combat, clown, improvisational comedy and the Williamson technique, among others. Satish currently resides in Mumbai, India.

Satish has had leading roles in projects produced by Goldfin Films, Auvera Films, Native Pictures, Stonestreet Studios and Plus Ultra, among other production companies. He has also starred in over 100 student films and projects while at NYU, receiving global critical acclaim at film festivals such as the Manhattan Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, Berlin International Short Awards, DRUK International Film Festival, Nice International Film Festival, OTB Film Awards, WorldFest, IndieX Film Fest, Blackbird Film Festival, Shockfest Film Festival, Dumbo Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo, New York Long Island Film Festival, New York Flash Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo, Austin Lift-Off Film Festival, Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, Cult Movies International Film Festival, 4th Dimension International Film Festival and DFW South Asian Film Festival.

He has appeared in the films "Natural History" (2018), "Rick Rickter" (2020), "Arcane Headshots" (2022), "Teddy Ruxpin" (2022), "American Weasel" (2022), "Rising Lotus" (2022), "Take Care" (2022), "Model Minority" (2023), "I Can't Live Here Anymore" (2023). Satish had his played the leading role in the Off-Broadway show "Le Bijou de Paris" in Manhattan, NYC. He was also featured in recording artist Mia Gladstone's official music video, "FOOD" (2020), recording artist Sean Leach's official music video, "OutWithOut" (feat. Daleela) and indie band "The Yesters" official music video, "Kingston City Morgue". Satish has also appeared in commercials for the New York Rangers, Madison Square Garden,, NYU Langone Health and the 5&Go App. Satish has also performed Off-Broadway in the leading role of Roy Rogers in Company Della Luna's production of "Le Bijou de Paris".

For his role in both producing and acting as an up-and-coming actor who grapples with contentment and confinement within his romantic relationship in the romantic drama short film, Take Care (2022), he won many accolades, including the "Best Actor" award, "Best Drama" award, and finalist for "Best Picture" at the New York Film Awards, a "Best Actor" award at the Cult Movies International Film Festival, two "Best Picture" nominations for this film at the IndieX Film Fest and the New York Independent Cinema Awards. He has also received a nomination for "Best Story Short" at the New York Long Island Film Festival, for the murder-mystery short film, "Mise En Place" (2022) which he produced.

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